Helping you connect with Japan

Headquartered in Tokyo and Boston, CrossWire is a content and technology brokerage for small to medium-sized mobile IT media companies looking for access to new markets.

CrossWire provides the following services:

symbol Content and Technology Licensing 

symbol New Market Business Development

symbol Our other services for select clients include representation, search & acquisition, interpreting, translation, web design, as well as speaking engagements.

For Japanese and foreign firms alike, CrossWire is a new market beachhead, actively developing distribution channels and forging strategic partnerships.

CrossWire is a small team of multilingual technologists, media, and market entry specialists with extensive experience in Asian markets. And CrossWire is our excuse to have fun doing business with the people who bring global technology to life.

CrossWire is a company based on personal relationships, global thinking, and long-term business. At CrossWire, business is mutual success.