Connecting Japan with the World

CrossWire provides services to help you understand and communicate with Japan. We offer a wide range of multilingual services to facilitate your success in Japan.


Translation and Interpretation

We have an experienced team of translators and interpreters who speak Japanese, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Russian. 

We are available on-line to support you. 

Media Production

Multilingual Audio and video production services with a focus on Japan. We have bilingual crews for location shoots and events as well as talented bilingual fixers and producers. For video and audio editing, post production, narration and music production, we have Studio J  

Training and Education

The key to success in Japan is a deep understanding of the culture, language  and customs. Our online and onsite courses will help you communicate better and facilitate your success. 

Medical Tourism Support

Japan has some of the best medical care in the world. Many people would like to come to Japan to receive medical care but the hurdles are too high. We help you find the right hospital, arrange the schedules, prepare the necessary documentation, help you communication when you are in Japan and even pick you up at the airport.