CrossWire provides the following value-added services:


Content and Technology Licensing

CrossWire team members have been working in the mobile content and technology space since the introduction of DoCoMo's first i-mode device in the late 1990's.  Our cutting-edge technologies have been embedded into or been downloaded to millions of Japanese handsets. Let us help you get your content or technology, literally, into the hands of the Japanese.

Beyond mobile, CrossWire also identifies and introduces solutions to drastically changing Japanese industries, from publishing to terrestrial broadcast.  Allow us to leverage your solutions to help traditional Japanese industries remain competitive in the face of a ubiquitously networked world.


New Market Business Development

CrossWire is your interface between business, technology, and culture.  We will work with you to identify clients, schedule meetings and travel, negotiate across language and cultures, and follow up to get business done and close deals.  CrossWire is your turn-key solution to opening the Japanese market.


Interpretation and Translation for International Business
Professional business interpretation requires an in depth understanding of the subject matter and related vocabulary augmented by cross-cultural communication skills. Our extensive experience with international business media and technology insures that you will be understood and your meaning will be clearly communicated to your Japanese counterparts. We also provide translation of documents, contracts, homepages, presentations, user manuals, and other documents between Japanese and English.


Technology Search, Evaluation, Acquisition, and Transfer


CrossWire's technical consultation services help organizations locate technologies to improve business operations, enhance product performance, and even to resell.  CrossWire works closely with your team to define requirements, examine existing solutions, and evaluate potential market opportunities.


Cross Cultural Business Seminars

CrossWire and Clear Communication Company offer a wide range of seminars to help clients communicate more effectively and be more successful in their business.  Click here for more information.